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Butterfly Dreamer

the story of alicia, her friends, love, and revenge!

5 May
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I'm currently 19 and about to be 20 in a couple months. First and foremost I'm a writer. For my college newspaper I wrote a "Fabulous Guide to the Single Life" column a couple semesters ago, which proved to be pretty successful. I live out in the country, though I am very much a city girl, always have been, but I do enjoy some parts about the country as well (just not the drive or the snakes or the armadillos or the mosquitos or the bats...I could go on and on...). I'm studying to be a journalist but I have a feeling sooner or later I'll change my mind and go on to something different, just not sure what. I love to travel and I hope to do that a lot with whatever job I get one day. I have been in many relationships, all of them long distance and no surprise all of them failed. I have learned a hell of a lot about romance/dating/being single from that though, along with other methods of research. I love to help people any way I can, I love to volunteer, help people with their problems. Since I was a kid I've loved doing that for some reason. I'm a Taurus and if you look up the Taurus personality, I fit in every single one of the descriptions. Currently, I'm writing my first book. I plan to publish it by Valentine's Day 2010, or sometime next year at the very least, and promote it throughout the country. Now you know me. Kinda. lol =)
69 eyes, a christmas story, a goofy movie, a perfect circle, aaliyah, across the universe, adele, aerosmith, all ocean's movies, almost famous, amy winehouse, bad boy joe, bananarama, banger sisters, beatles, bjork, blink 182, boink!, bow wow wow, breakfast club, bridget jones 2, bridget jones' diary, buddy holly, cabaret, chocolat, christina aguilera, cky, clash, crossroads, dana fuchs band, dancing, danzig, david guetta, dead milkmen, depeche mode, devil wears prada, doors, down with love, dresden dolls, eddie izzard, elizabethtown, eternal sunshine, everly brothers, faster pussycat! kill! kill!, festival express, filth and the fury, fiona apple, foo fighters, fried green tomatoes, gang of four, garbage, going to starbucks, green day, guns n roses, hanging out, him, iggy pop, important things demetri martin, interpol, interview with a vampire, janet jackson, janis joplin, jennifer lopez, jfk, jimi hendrix, joss stone, joy division, kathy griffin, kevin smith movies, kittie, lacuna coil, lara mcallen, lily allen, lion king, liza minelli, lush, madonna, mama mia!, mariah carey, marie antoinette, marilyn manson, morningwood, napoleon dynamite, new order, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, nosferatu, offspring, orgy, patsy cline, pixies, pochahontas, punk: attitude, radio dept., radiohead, ramones, red hot chili peppers, reefer madness, rocky horror picture show, roseanne, rush hour, save the last dance, selena, sex pistols, she wants revenge, shopping (addiction), siouxsie and the banshees, sister act 1&2, slc punk!, smashing pumpkins, something to talk about, sonic youth, spice girls, steel magnolias, stone temple pilots, stripteasing =), taking back sunday, tatu, tegan and sara, the cardigans, the cure, the donnas, the holiday, the queen, the sounds, the soup, the sweetest thing, the x-files 2, the year punk broke, thirteen, tim burton movies, titanic, tlc, torchwood, tori amos, turbonegro, u.s. vs john lennon, velvet revolver, veruca salt, walking, weezer, white stripes, will and grace, writing, zwan